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Summary: Did you delete your data accidently from LaCie external hard drive on Mac?
Today, we discuss how to recover files from LaCie external drive and also explain the causes & preventive measures to avoid data loss.
Also, we strongly recommended having Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac, a popular software for LaCie external hard drive recovery.

The LaCie external hard drive is a fabulous choice for a storage drive for Mac. The ample space it provides is best for accumulating tons of photos, videos, and movies safely. However, like all data storage devices, the LaCie external hard drive is also prone to data loss, device not mounting, and other issues associated with an external hard drive.

Discover the world of LaCie hard drives for Mac. Compare portable, USB, desktop and external LaCie hard drives and shop online. How to Recover Files from LaCie Hard Drive on Mac (El Capitan, macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra) Recoverit for Mac is a trustworthy and easy-to-use tool that recovers deleted, formatted or even corrupted data from your Lacie hard drive. It helps you easily recover lost files, including photos, songs, and office documents from LaCie.

Causes of Data Loss in LaCie External Hard Drive

External hard drives are extremely prone to corruption and several hard drives fail each day globally. The LaCie external hard disk is a mechanical device with intricate parts and thus can fail. Some of the reasons that lead to hard drive corruption and data loss are:

  • Partition map corruption
  • Damaged directory structure
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Wrong disk formatting
  • Abrupt ejection
  • Loss of logical partition(s)

Recovery of Files from LaCie on Mac

Safety of the data should be the priority while choosing a data recovery software. Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is a highly reliable and intuitive data recovery software. It is compatible with LaCie external hard drive and macOS Catalina, Mojave (APFS); the software runs smoothly on all Macs and can recover data not just from LaCie but hundreds of other external hard drive brands. If you are using LaCie for the Time Machine backup and happen to delete the backup, this software will recover it for you. This data recovery software even recovers from encrypted, formatted, and badly corrupted hard drive. Follow the steps mentioned below to retrieve data from LaCie external hard drive:

Step i: Download, Install & Run Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac

Step ii: When at the interface, select Recover Everything, Or Customize Your Scan and click Next. Note: Customizing the scan will make the scanning process and recovery faster.

Step iii: Select the LaCie external hard drive from the Select Location interface and click Scan.›Note: The interface has a Deep Scan feature that allows you to conduct a thorough scan of the drive. Toggle-on this option in situations when the LaCie external hard drive is formatted or corrupt. The time taken by the Deep Scan depends on the size and condition of the LaCie hard drive.

Step iv: You can toggle-on the preview option at the right corner of the interface to view files during the scan.

Step v: Click ‘OK’ when the scan completed successfully. Double-click a file to preview before recovery.

Step vi: Select all the data to recover and click the Recover button.

Step vii: Choose another location to save the file and click Save.

Note: Choose a destination other than the LaCie external hard drive. Also, you need to register the software before saving the data.

Prevention of Data Loss in LaCie External Hard Drive

Data is rapidly becoming the most valuable asset whether it is a photo, document, video, etc. Therefore, you must consciously take preventive measures to protect the LaCie external hard drive and the data contained therein. Below are the measures to protect data from corruption:

  1. Avoid disconnecting the drive abruptly
  2. Keep the drive clean and dust-free
  3. Don’t connect the LaCie external hard drive to an unreliable Mac
  4. Use a surge protector
  5. Don’t keep liquids close to the drive
  6. Keep a data recovery software


The blog informs you on how to recover your lost data from the LaCie external hard drive using a macOS. It highlights the causes of data loss and the preventive measures you need to adapt to prevent future data loss.

We have also introduced Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac software that will be the perfect companion for Mac external hard drive data recovery.

Noticeably, the software is compatible with APFS, HFS, HFS+, FAT, ex-FAT, and NTFS formatted external hard drives. Besides Lacie, the software supports a variety of external hard drive brands such as WD, Toshiba, Seagate, etc.

Nowadays, we would like to use external hard drive to store, backup and transfer data. And LaCie is a high quality hard disk and very popular among users. Users often use LaCie HDD to store movies, important office documents, songs and many more. However, sometimes, you may lose the data on LaCie due to disk corruption, accidentally deletion, disk formatting, or other kind of errors.

If you have backed up your disk, you won't feel frustrated about it. But what if you don’t have backups? Don’t panic! Your files are not deleted permanently. You still can recover data from LaCie hard drive with the help of a third party recovery program. Here is the best solution for you.

Part 1. How to Recover Files from LaCie Hard Drive on Mac (El Capitan, macOS Sierra and macOS High Sierra)

Recoverit for Mac is a trustworthy and easy-to-use tool that recovers deleted, formatted or even corrupted data from your Lacie hard drive. It helps you easily recover lost files, including photos, songs, and office documents from LaCie hard disks with no hassle.

Steps to Use This Best Lacie External Hard Drive Data recovery Software for Mac

Step 1. Run the Application and Choose a Recovery Mode

After download and set up the program on your Mac, connect your external drive to the computer with a USB cable. Then run the application and select file types mode in the primary window first and click 'Next' button, for it can quickly scan and retrieve deleted files.

Step 2. Find Your Drive and Scan It for Your Lost Data


Then just choose the drive where you lost the data and turn to the top of the window to click the 'Start' button to start scanning.


Step 3. Check and Recover Files from the External Hard Disk

Lacie Portable Hard Drive For Mac

Then the program will scan your drive and all files will be put into several folders. You're able to expand the folder and preview the contents in them. When you find the contents you want to get back, just check them and click 'Recover' to restore them to your Mac.


Part 2. Tips about Lacie Hard Drive Data Recovery on Mac

Common reasons of data loss

● Formatted the external hard disk mistakenly.
● Deleted the data on the drive by fault.
● Corrupted or broken external hard disk.
● Other unknown errors.

Why can lost LaCie hard drive data be recovered

There is a very special feature about digital data loss: those lost files are not totally removed from the drive actually, they'll firstly be marked as inaccessible data. Only when new data on your drive overwrites them will they be permanently cleared.

Lacie Hard Drive For Macbook Pro

To ensure the possibility of data recovery, you're strongly suggested to stop saving any new documents, songs, movies or other data to the drive. Because they may overwrite the lost ones, which results in you can't get the lost files back.

Still, the best way to avoid data loss is always making backup of important files on your Mac or other drive.

Lacie external hard drive driver

Can data be recovered from a broken LaCie hard drive?

The answer is no. The precondition of using data recovery software like Recoverit for Mac to recover lost files from LaCie drive is that the drive can still be recognized by your Mac. Otherwise, there's almost no way to get back your data.


Format Lacie Hard Drive For Mac

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