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Watch as I try out Ubuntu Linux on an iBook G4. I test various features, DVD, wireless, bluetooth, networking, printing, etc. A PowerPC edition of Ubuntu MATE 14.04 is ready for testing thanks to Adam Smith from the Ubuntu MATE community! Adam has uploaded the.iso image to OneDrive and it is available from the link below.

When you downloaded Ubuntu for PowerPC, did you use Disk Utility to copy the image to the USB thumbdrive? You should not be selecting any compression schemes at all. Just use the 'Restore' to restore the image to the USB thumbdrive.

Linux mint for mac g4

Linux for mac g4 user

Assuming, this is the only USB device you are using, go into open firmware and type the following:

devalias or dev /ls = What you will be looking for is anything that says 'ud' in it. Lastly, once you find the 'ud' type this:

Mac Powerbook

boot ud::tbxi - this should boot ubuntu, eliminating the need to type 'boot [email protected]:1;:/install/yaboot'. Remember, you need to look for anything that says: ud,ud1, etc.. ud=ud0 which is the 1st USB device.

Let me know if this works for you.



Linux for mac g4 proLinux

Linux For Mac G4 Pro

P.S.: I have been booting USB on my PB G4 and PowerPC macs for almost 5 years now.. Its not hard at all.

Powerbook G4 Value

Aug 26, 2012 9:30 PM

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