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Logitech R400 Software and Driver Download – There is good news, now logitechsoftware.net has provided all types of software and drivers that are complete directly from the website so that you can easily download them and there is also a guide on how to install, so you don’t have to bother looking again because everything is straightforward from the official Logitech website, hopefully this can make you not bother any more, good luck.

OverviewHow To Connect Connect your Logitech with the Unifying receiver

Logitech R400 With its Plug-and-Play technology, plug the USB mini-receiver into your laptop’s USB port, and you’re ready to use it – you must have accessories for users who are on the go. The slideshow control allows you to start or stop, forward or backward, and turn off the screen. It features a battery indicator that is easy to use, an on / off switch, and includes a soft bag. Also, the Logitech R400 remote is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 platforms. And its compact and ergonomic design offers a professional and comfortable user experience.

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Logitech R400 Software Download For Windows

Why UpdateWindows
Logitech Presenter Connection Software:

This software is only needed if your presenter loses connection to the recipient or if you have a replacement recipient.

Software Version: 1.0

Last Update: 06-Jan-2014

OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

File Size: 555Kb

Logitech R400 Driver

Incoming search terms:

I just bought a Logitech r400 to escape pressing the arrow keys on my keyboard during presentations. [Logitech officially says that the presenter only works under Windows]1 and is specifically designed for Power Point. However, I found it works perfectly under OSX and, with a little tuning, also with Keynote.

Plugging in the USB connector into my MacBook made the keyboard recognition pop up. You cannot do anything there but close it. I guess this little nuisance is the price I have to pay for using only-Windows hardware on a Mac…


Powerpoint (Office for Mac 2011)

The presenter works like a charm with Powerpoint for Mac. Starting and stopping the presentation, moving back and forth through the slides, and blank-out the screen all function correctly.

Keynote (6.6.11 on El Capitan)

Logitech R400 For Mac

After starting the presentation manually, moving back and forth worked instantly. The back-screen button immediately ends the presentation. The start/end-presentation button doesn’t do a thing. So far so good, but we can do better.

From the fact that the keyboard recognition popped up when I connect the USB connector I took that the presenter is essentially a keyboard to OSX. This means that it is sending key codes to the OS. Key codes can be mapped. A little searching brought me the answer. The r400’s buttons are indeed mapped to the following key codes:

  • Left Button -> Page Up
  • Right Button -> Page Down
  • Start/End-Presentation Button -> F5
  • Blank-Screen Button -> . (period)

Logitech R400 Wireless Presenter For Mac

So all we need for the buttons to correctly control Keynote is configure shortcuts from the key codes to the correct functionality: Go to System Preferences > Keboard > Shortcuts, select the App Shortcuts group and press the +-button to create a new shortcut.

From the Application dropdown select Keynote, as Menu Title enter “Play Slideshow” (or whatever the Keynote’s menu entry is labelled on your system), and in the Keyboard Shortcut input press F5.

Logitech R400 Mac Keynote

There’s also a way to get the blank-screen button to work, using a little app called Ukulele. I don’t currently plan on using this, so I didn’t try. Tell me, if you do and if it works!

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