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  1. How do you install Minecraft mods on a Mac? I'm currently at a friends house, and we wanted to install mods for Minecraft (Latest version) on his OS X 10.7 system. Unfortunately, every guide we've tried just doesn't seem to work at all, or seems to be outdated.
  2. Download Mac Os X 10.6 Snow Leopard.dmg File Mac Download Internet Explorer 8.0 For Mac Minecraft Mods Download Mac Wwefg Dmg Sierra Dmg Download. Find and download the best and most popular mods for Minecraft. Minecraft mods is a way to enhance the gaming experience. Everything can theoretically be changed. While some mods do little things.

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Garry's Mod (GMod) became one of the most popular indie games in the world within months of its initial release, and this sandbox game is showing no signs of losing any of its loyal followers.

This PC game currently has thousands of unique servers running countless mods and scenarios ranging from RPGs to racing simulators. With new mods, maps and add-ons being released almost every single week, players will have a tough time finding anything this game cannot do.

The Basics of Garry's Mod

GMod is an unrestricted open-world game that allows players to do anything they would like to alter the mechanics or appearance of objects, characters and the environment. After purchasing and downloading the original game, players can then begin exploring the thousands of mods created by the community. In order to enter the world, players must have at least one source game on their computer. This includes popular standalone games such as Team Fortress 2, but there are currently hundreds of source files to choose from.

A Look at the Mods

Many of the most popular player-made games include vast worlds with unique stories behind them. Players often create digital environments where they can interact with friends, solve puzzles or even make online videos. Garry's Mod can be played as a first-person shooter, thriller or even a racing game depending on the particular files and downloads one chooses. This style of open-source software means that there are almost no limits to what can be changed, altered or updated in the game.

Sandbox games are more popular than ever, and few are as expansive and complex as Garry's Mod. This particular title will appeal to a wide variety of gamers due to the sheer number of alterations and add-ons that are currently available. For those who are still on the line, here is a closer look at some of the pros and cons of Garry's Mod:


  • One of the most comprehensive sandbox games in the world
  • Easy to download and play
  • Nearly unlimited add-ons, map packs and textures to choose from
  • Can be altered to mimic any number of game genres


  • Outdated graphics
  • Distinct learning curve for game editors
  • Many mods are incompatible with one another

This page gives you a tutorial on installing Modpacks on Mac or Linux.

Currently the curse client (Where cool new packs are) does not support Mac or Linux, so this page will give you a way to play Curse Client Modpacks on Mac or Linux.

Before starting this tutorial have a modpack you want to install in mind.

Step 1: Download MultiMC.

MultiMC is a program which allows you have have a number of minecraft instances, this is how we are going to play Curse Client modpacks.

Download MultiMC https://multimc.org/. Once you have it downloaded make a folder on your desktop called ‘MultiMC’.

Step 2: Extraction/ Installation

Once you have downloaded MultiMC, open the zip file downloaded (having WinRAR will help).

Inside the zip file there should be a folder called MultiMC, open that folder and copy everything there into your folder you created on your desktop (called ‘MultiMC’).

Step 3: Selecting Java

Inside the folder you now have full of MultiMC files, run the program called ‘MultiMC.exe’. It should bring up a menu to select your java version, make sure you select the most recent version of java you have installed. Some Modpacks require the latest version of java to run.

Step 4: Adding your account

Click on the Steve face in the top right, then click manage accounts. After opening the account manager, click the add button and enter your Minecraft account details. Cracked accounts won’t work and will never work on MultiMC, go buy Minecraft.

How To Download Mods For Minecraft Mac Os

Once you’re done click OK and then click close on the bottom of the menu. Now if you click the Steve face your minecraft name should appear on that list, click on it.

Step 5: Creating An Instance

Now before you can play the Modpacks you need to create an instance. Click on the piece of paper with a star on top (Top left).

Minecraft Mods Mac Download

It should open a menu, give this instance a name (Normally what the modpacks is called) so for example i’m going to call it my Modpack (Refuge). Also check what Minecraft version the pack is, currently most Modpacks are 1.7.10. My Modpacks (Refuge) is 1.7.10 so i’m going to select 1.7.10 by clicking the box next where it says ‘Version’ and selecting 1.7.10, then click OK.

You can change the icon by clicking the infinity logo. After everything is correct click OK.

Step 6: Installing Forge

Then instance should start to get the files from Mojang, after that’s done right click the instance and click ‘Edit Instance’. It should bring up a window, click the button on the side called ‘Install Forge’. All the latest forge versions for your selected Minecraft version should show up, have a look on the Modpack you want to installs Curse page it should tell you the Forge version Mac/ Linux need to use to be able to play the pack. After you find that out select the version stated on the Modpacks page, then click OK for me it’s for It should get the Forge files, then click close.

Mods For Minecraft Mac Os

Step 7: Installing The Pack

Once you have done step 6, download the Modpack files they should be on the Modpack you want to downloads Curse page. After downloading the files open the zip up and locate to where you see a folder called mods there will probably have more folders as well.

Select them all a copy the files, we will be pasting them in a moment. Go back onto MultiMC, right click the instance and select ‘Instance Folder’. It should open up a file explorer, open the folder inside called ‘minecraft’ delete everything inside. After deleting everything inside the ‘minecraft’ folder paste the files we copied from the Modpack files we downloaded before.

Step 8: Playing Minecraft

Go back onto MultiMC and double click on the instance (that should start to load up minecraft) and Voila, you have successfully installed a Modpack.

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