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Experience the stunning sequel to Myst and Riven, a complex tale of betrayal and revenge that only you can successfully unravel. Myst III: Exile plunges you into an adventure so real, you'll forget it's a game. Five entirely new Ages to explore - Hours of new mysteries to uncover - Dramatic new storyline.

  1. The whole board is of buttons that total 360 degrees. Press the button that is the same as the lighthouse degree. Now pump the water out of the ship deck. Go down there and click on the table to reveal the Myst linking book. Channelwood Age. After you've returned both pages to their books on Myst.
  2. Uru: Ages Beyond Myst is coming to the Macintosh, according to Cyan Worlds founder Rand Miller. The news comes in an open letter to the Myst community regarding the fate of Uru: Live, a.
  3. The critically acclaimed adventure of Uru: Ages Beyond Myst returns with this special collection that contains more Uru than ever before. Already the deepest Myst adventure to date, Uru is significantly expanded with the addition of To D'ni™ and The Path of the Shell, expansion packs that will take Uru beyond your imagination.
  4. Myst is available in 3 editions so you can experience the game the way YOU want to experience it! If you want the latest, most updated version, or you are looking to experience Myst in VR, then Myst is the version for.
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  1. Myst
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Description of Myst Windows

Myst (aka ミスト), a really nice adventure game sold in 1995 for Windows, is available and ready to be played again! Also available on Mac and 3DO, time to play a fantasy and puzzle elements video game title.

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Screenshots from MobyGames.com

Myst I For Mac

Comments and reviews

Flyboy2020-10-160 point

Myst I For Mac

I have the windows cdrom for this game. Which i. Play useing ScummVm. the site tells you which folders you need to play useing the Scumm emulator i. Don't know if. you can use mac ver? . A lot easier than trying to. Install. I never ever completed this game but the sequels to the range of games were also good hope we get them here soon.

petic780782020-06-120 point

@DORKY on 2020-05-15
@E on 2017-06-29
You need to emulate Myst within a PowerPC environment, it won't run under current macOS versions. You can use Sheepshaver or Basilisk to run Myst. :-)

dorky2020-05-15-2 points

I just downloaded in on my mac (Os Sierra)
and I don't know how to play it. Is there something I need to download to play it on?

waxman682017-10-052 points

One of the best puzzle games ever! Took me nearly two years to figure it all out! Ran on Win 98 as long as Apple Quicktime was installed.

MYSTified2017-08-050 point

I got the PC version (Myst: Masterpiece) about 15 years ago. Spent about 20 hours playing it. Never finished.

E2017-06-292 points

I downloaded the game but I don't know how to get it to work properly for the Mac. Any help would be appreciated.

Sandeep2016-01-020 point

Myst is a great and adventure game that I have ever played.And also I have played Riven.It is a very marvelous game.So,play them guys!

That one gamer dude everybody knows2015-02-071 point Mac version

Myst was one of the hardest, but most enjoyable games I've ever played. The entire series is great thought. (The second game is Riven, if you want to play it.)

SOMEjiveturkey2015-01-240 point Mac version

MY girlfriend and I were just discussing how mesmerized we were when this game came out. 'Look at the boat in the water. And I can tell its clear water!' what great graphics for 1993!!!

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Myst I For Mac

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Myst Download

  • Year:1993
  • Publisher:Brøderbund Software, Inc.
  • Developer:Cyan, Inc.

Myst Exile For Mac


  • Year:1995
  • Publisher:Panasonic Software Company
  • Developer:Cyan, Inc.

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Myst I For Mac Os

DOS, Mac, C64, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari 8-bit, Apple II1986
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