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Part 1. One Click to Transfer HTC to Mac

Android file transfer is a program for Mac OS X. It was developed by Google, so you can rely on this software. It can mount your HTC phone as an external hard disk when connected with your Mac. You can use it to view and transfer files between your Mac and an HTC phone. Top 4 Software to Do HTC Sync with Mac We all know that HTC has chosen Android as the operating system of its smartphones but Mac is strictly integrated to iOS, the operating system that is being used in Apple's iPhone. Connecting HTC to windows is quite simple and easy – just plug into a USB cable and play.


It is so easy to back up HTC data file to Window computer though there are fewer options to backup HTC to Mac. You can find lots of confusing software online which are usually difficult to operate. Therefore, the new users need some easier option to transfer their new HTC phone files to their Mac. MobileTrans - Backup for Mac is the best choice among all those available options as it helps new users or non-tech users do this task in just one click. It is supported to android OS, iOS, Windows Mobile OS, etc. operated Smartphones, and Mac obviously. Therefore, the easy interface and simple process for transferring data from HTC devices to your Mac computer made this software popular. You can check what other features that this small but powerful tool can offer you.

  • Transfer/backup your important phone data in just one click.
  • It allows users to transfer calendar, photos, messages, app data, videos, etc. easily to a computer or another phone.
  • It helps to keep a safe backup in the fastest way possible.
  • You can restore your backup from your computer in few steps.
  • Enjoy selective data transfer for the phone to phone transfer.

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    Steps to Transfer HTC Files to Mac Using Wondershare MobileTrans

    This easy tool can easily transfer your files to Mac in just one click. Make sure that you have properly followed the process step by step instructions to sync HTC to Mac.

    Step 1. Download Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac from this link and install on your Mac. Then, launch the tool and click on the ‘Back Up Your Phone’ button to start transferring your desired files.

    Step 2. Connect your HTC Smartphone to your Mac using a USB data cable and this tool will automatically detect your device.

    Step 3. Now, select your required file types and click on the ‘Start’ button to start backing up those files to Mac. You need to wait for a while to finish this process.

    Step 4. After finishing the transferring process, you can check it from the settings. Or, you can immediately check by clicking on the popped-up window soon after finishing the transfer of HTC device data to Mac.

    Os mac for htc data recovery

    Os Mac For Htc Data Recovery

    Tips: Make sure that your device is connected automatically to this software. If it is not connected to your software, don’t worry. You need to enable the ‘USD Debugging’ option from the Settings menu.

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