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Can I translate a PDF file from English to other languages and vice versa with Adobe PDF translator? In this post, we are going to tell you the best method to translate your PDF documents into different languages with Adobe Acrobat translate alternative.

Can Adobe Acrobat Translate PDF?
How to Translate PDF with Adobe PDF Translator Alternative

Can Adobe Acrobat Translate PDF?

Well, you must be disappointed to know that there is no such option as an Adobe PDF translator that could translate your PDF from English to other languages. In fact, it is one of the biggest drawbacks of Adobe PDF reader which have reduced its productivity.

We also tried to find out on many online forums including the Adobe's, and according to Adobe's employees, document translation is not possible using Adobe PDF reader, although, they have forwarded the suggestion to the technical team to add a translation feature, still there isn't any good news regarding that.

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  • Press Alt+Shift+A to get translation immediately for a non-PDF document or right-click on the selection and choose 'Translate '. Translation will be shown under your selection. App's options provide ability to select translation system (Microsoft or Yandex), set shortcut, choose languages and font size of the translation.
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According to Adobe forums, Adobe PDF reader does not have the translation feature and Adobe Reader translate is yet to come.

Luckily, we have an alternative method that enables you to translate documents into multiple languages. Let's explore it below.

Pdf Translator For Mac

Solution: How to Translate PDF with Adobe PDF Translator Alternative

QTranslate by QuestSoft is a free-to-use application that can help you translate texts between a variety of languages. Unfortunately, there is no version of QTranslate for Mac available on the developer's website, so you might want to try other tools that can do this job.

Given below are the steps to translate your PDF with PDFelement.

Pdf translator for mac keyboard

Step 1: Open the PDF

First, open the PDF file by clicking on 'Open File…' button or dragging the file and dropping it into PDFelement.

Step 2: Perform OCR (If Needed)

If your file is already in PDF format, you do not need to perform OCR. But if you have opened a scanned document, then you need to perform OCR to extract the text from the document. To do that, click on 'Convert' and then 'OCR'. By doing this, your document will be converted into text.

Note: If you open a scanned document in PDFelement, it will automatically detect it and ask you to perform OCR.


Step 3: Copy the Text

Select the text, right-click on the selected text, and click on 'Copy Text'.

Step 4: Translate PDF

Now, open 'Google Translate', and paste the copied text into the translation engine. Doing this, your text will automatically be translated to the selected language. You can also export that scanned document into PDF format, and then, upload the document to Google Translate and perform the translation. So, this is how you translate your documents from English to other languages and vice versa.

Now, let's read a quick introduction and overview of PDFelement.

PDFelement is one of the best PDF reading software that has outclassed Adobe PDF reader and other similar software. It is equipped with dozens of powerful features that enables you to do different tasks and get rid of other unnecessary software.


One of the most important features is its OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature that enables you to extract data from the scanned documents and then translate it using Google Translate. Using this method, you won't be needing any other paid tool to perform your translations.

Not only the OCR but PDFelement comes with a powerful editing feature that enables you to edit your PDF files as easy as editing a Word document and add colors, backgrounds, annotations, header and footers, comments, and many more. It also comes with a built-in converter that enables you to convert from PDF to more than 300 file formats and vice versa.

And yes, you can sign PDF files digitally without printing them on paper which saves you lots of printing costs.

In short, PDFelement is a complete package which adds value to your business and increases your productivity.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Bing Translator For Mac

Pdf Translator For Mac

Buy PDFelement right now!

If you’ve been frustrated with the search for good translation software for the Mac, you’re not alone. With the fast expansion of the internet across the world, the demand for a translation program has increased dramatically.

Systran, the world leader in translation software had been planning to produce a Mac compatible translator but due to developing a new translation engine last year, the only Mac translator they had time to release was the Systran Widget translator. Apple included the Systran Widget on every new computer, it was great but it only allowed small sections of text to be translated at a time.

One thing was learned from the launch of this new product, even Systran was not prepared for the over whelming response from Apple users, servers were overloaded with the demand. This proved Mac users wanted a translator for the mac.

Free Translator For Mac

Systran Translation Software on Mac Computers

Thanks to Apple building the latest Mac computers with the Intel chip, which allows Mac to run Windows applications, Systran can now be installed in a Windows enviroment. No longer is there a need for a separate translator for the Mac OS X. You can check to see if your computer has this capability but all computers shipped with Mac OS 10 Snow Leopard includes Boot Camp, a software that lets you dual boot into Microsoft Windows .

Instantly Convert Foreign Languages

Once you have the dual boot system on your computer, you can take full advantage of Systran translation software for Mac computers and laptops. This will allow you to translate a variety of documents from Microsoft Office.


  • MS Word Documents
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Outlook Emails
  • PDF Files
  • Web Pages

No longer hindered by the Mac vs. PC question, you can use Systran translation software to help you communicate with people all over the world.

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